Helpful Tips for Setting Up the Best Print-Ready Files

helpful tips

Specifications - When you provide your files to our customer service representatives, be sure that you provide us with ALL of the specifications you require of your final product. Elements such as: size, color, folding or binding, or any other special requirements you may call for. These instructions will help our staff provide you with the finished products quality you envisioned when you brought your business to The Village Printer.

Bleeds - A "bleed" is when the image you provide goes beyond the crop lines of the layout. This will eliminate the white border around the edge of the page. If it is your intention to have color to the edge of your document, be sure that your image is ⅛-inch over the cop line.

Image Resolution - Images taken off the internet are usually not the best quality to use in a design as they are generally set at 72 dpi; a low resolution format used for web viewing. We recommend using 300 dpi-or-higher images, as they are ideal for printing. Some images that look good on your screen, may not produce the best printed material.

Correct Document Dimensions - Ascertaining the ideal finished size is often difficult. Many factors must be taken into account, including scores, folds, and cuts that need to be made to the final copy. Having an idea of what you need out of the print job is important to save time and materials from waste. We recommend that clients use a template, so both parties have a concise idea of what the end result will look like. The more thorough the information, the faster The Village Printer can produce the end result you are looking for out of a professional printing service.

Fonts - Not every computer comes equipped with the same fonts. Many times, this causes issues with the printing process when the font that is used in the template is not found on the printer's computer. To avoid the frustration that goes along with font issues, converting all text to curves or outlines in the template prior to submission is suggested.

Time Sensitive Materials - At The Village Printer, we know how busy our clients are. By understanding your situation in regards to printed materials, you do us the most gracious service. If you know in advance that your project will require printing or other branded materials, providing us with a reasonable timeline will save you time, effort, and money. To ensure the highest quality of your printed materials, we ask that you give The Village Printer ample time and thorough materials in which to complete print jobs you require.

Other Considerations - When printing/publishing artwork most often adjustments need to be made before printing can be completed. Adjusting a piece of artwork can be time consuming and costly. Allowing our staff of trained professionals to setup your art could save you valuable time.
For submitting artwork for use please use one of the following preferred formats:


*Approval of ready to print file is required
*Additional charges may apply
*Photoshop, Corel Draw, PageMaker, Microsoft Word

Please Contact us at (607) 432-5259 with any questions or to ask about specific formats.


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