Basic Printing

Standard printing services include business cards, letterhead, posters, invitations, flyers, brochures, and so much more. Everything from black and white or color copies to expansive projects and portfolios.



Helpful Tips:

Specs: When giving your files to the printer, make sure you give ALL the specifications. Information like finished size, how many colors, any special printing, folding and bindery instructions are all very helpful to the staff. Also including a printed version of the file will help both parties see what the finished product will look like.

Helpful Tipsbasic printing

Bleeds: A bleed is when the image goes beyond the crop lines. This eliminates the white border around the edge of the page. If you intend to have color right to the edge of your document, make sure your image is 1/8” over the crop lines.

Image Resolution: Images taken off the internet are usually not the best quality to use in a design. They are typically only set at 72 dpi, which is low resolution for web viewing. 300 dpi or higher is ideal for anything that will be printed. Even if it looks good on the screen it may not be the best print quality.

Correct Document Size: Figuring out the correct finished size is tricky. You have to keep in mind many factors of the job; such as scores, folds, and cuts. Getting this all figured out before hand saves a lot of time when it goes into the finishing phase. A template is always a safe way to go when unsure of the sizing.

Fonts: Not every computer comes loaded with the same fonts. This causes a lot of issues when the font used is not found on the printers computer. To avoid font issues convert all text to curves or outlines before submission.

Waiting Until Last Minute: Knowing in advance that you will need to have something printed will save a lot of time, effort and money. Giving the printer time to adequately work on your order will ensure the highest quality. Making sure that your files are all correctly set up and print ready will create a good relationship between you and your printer.

Did You Know:

A business card makes the first impression on your customer. Basic cards contain the same information as designer cards. What makes yours stand out? There's a limit to the info on the card. It has the person’s name, job, and contact details, everyone gives this. A graphic designer can create a design that reflects the organization. Use the back of the card. A business card is essential, the impact is under estimated.

Brochures and flyers are amongst the most useful and versatile of all marketing media. They can be left on doorknobs, placed on windshields, displayed at store countertops, and left wherever you go. In order to make your business stand out in a sea of other companies, you have to get inventive. With extreme use of color and design, your brochures will stand out in front of the other businesses.



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