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Advertising and Signage

Make sure you get noticed. We can assist you with everything from creating a unique sign to development of advertisements and flyers. Specializing in several different sign making techniques allows us to create the perfect sign for you while still accommodating your budget. Everything from banners to sandblasted wood signs available. Develop flyers, coupons, and other interactive prints to draw in your target audience.

Sign Vinyl Grades

Premium Vinyl (Cast) - Premium products can be either cast or calendered PVC films. They have longer durability, conformability, and longevity. These are excellent for vehicle graphics and long-term signage applications. Premium films are used for irregular or compound-curved surfaces. Our Premium films are designed for computer cutability, and excellent weedablity (the result of using special liners and engineered release systems). Weathered Premium films and Premium films exposed to environmental pollution and a range of chemicals experience minimal color fading or color shift. These films are typically more expensive than Intermediate Films but an often better value when it comes to performance.

Intermediate (Calendered) - These films are generally calendered PVC films. Intermediate films are typically used as a cost alternative to premium products and are used in applications that do not need the performance of a premium film. Intermediate films are preferred for short term applications which include banners and front signs, lit or unlit. They can also be used for vehicle marking that are flat or slightly curved. Many people like these films because of the mirror like gloss.

Reflective - Films referred to as reflective are actually retroreflective. This means when light shines on the film that light does not reflect directly back to the light source, it is reflected back in multiple directions that allow viewing from multiple angles. There are three basic reflective film technologies: enclosed lens, encapsulated and prismatic. Each of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages. The brightest films are prismatic and the least bright are enclosed lens, which is most typically used in graphic applications. Generally, these films carry certified reflectivity and ratings. FDC Reflective films meet standards set by federal, state and local governments. In addition to graphic applications, these products are often used for traffic and safety signage.

Specialty - Specialty films include a range of products, including: Metallized, Paint Mask, Stencil & Paper Products, One Way Vision, Special Effects, Static Cling, Magnetic, transparent and Dry Erase. Although there is no specific definition for specialty films, FDC sees these films as having a specific function or a special feature. Metallized films have unique patterns, iridescent films change color depending on viewing angle, different grades of fluorescent films provide for attention grabbing detail. These films are mostly designed for computer cutting films. Specialty films work well for promotional uses and many users also combine them with other films for a layered look and unique designs. These films can also be more functional such as the 3M light management films that change color properties when lit or unlit.

Sign Vinyl Application Instructions

After your image has been cut and weeded, you will want to use an application tape to transfer the image onto the desired surface. We offer both medium tack and high tack application options to fit any need you may have.

1. Apply application tape to image after weeding away excess vinyl.

2. Using a squeegee, smooth the tape over the image firmly, but carefully.

3. Begin to peel one corner up in order to check that the image has adhered to the application tape.

4. If the image has not adhered to the tape, use more pressure when applying with the squeegee. If it has adhered to the tape, simply pick up the entire piece of application tape (with the image stuck to it) and move it to the desired surface (car windows, walls, etc).

5. Use the squeegee again to firmly smooth the image onto the surface until it is completely stuck to the surface. This may take a few minutes of rubbing.

6. Peel the application tape carefully to ensure that the sign vinyl image is secured onto the surface.


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